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I am glad Britney’s attorney Jon Eardley is going to continue to fight on for Britney. And anyone can make a complaint to adult protective services about abuse of the elderly, or mentally impaired. Anyone can also make a complaint to the police, and federal, state, and local district attorneys office. Britney has a lot of injuries on her that need to be looked into. She is clearly being physically abused.

She has burns on her face, and neck. And big bruises on her body from blunt force trauma. Like the big bruise on her left hip, and buttocks. And she is being manhandled by her security. Whose security are they supposed to be? Where is her court appointed attorney, and the state court. They are not protecting Britney’s legal rights like they are supposed to. This is outrageous. First they let her be drugged, and mugged. Now they are letting her be physically, and emotionally abused while they try to drug poison her brain into submission with psych med’s in order to continue to deprive her of her civil rights.

Fix this mess you have created for Britney people. Fully medically detoxify her off of all the drugs. Especially any psych med’s. It will take a month or more to do safely. And give her back all her rights. Terminate that fraudulent conservatorship. And do it now before she sustains anymore injuries, or drug poisoning.

I don’t have a problem with her father, or any-one’s father trying to look after their child that they maybe worried about, or feel may need their love, and protection. I don’t have a problem with him moving in with his child and trying to put some healthy structure, and focus back in her life. And I don’t have a problem with him wanting to know what she is doing, and who she is associating with.

And because Britney is a wealthy woman, I think she should take care of all her families needs that they need help with, within reason. And she should take care of her fathers needs, and expenses. Especially if he needs help from trying to be their for her.

But I don’t like all the dangerous psych drugs being forced on her. And she needs control of  all her rights, and property fully returned to her. They should have never been taken from her in the first place. All she needed was someone to look after things while she was fully detoxified off all the psych med’s she was poisoned with.


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Sounds like Britney has got a good aggressive attorney to advocate for her rights. And I am glad that he is focusing the courts attention on her health, and safety. I am afraid that I am seeing some bad signs of drug poisoning in her. The court needs to either put her under protective custody, and medically detoxify her. Or give her court appointed private security. And her choice of private medical care to detoxify her of all drugs soon. Before she sustains anymore injuries.

Just today I read a research article from a medical journal that shows that antidepressants were no more effective than placebo. Many of us have warned repeatedly that these drugs do very little for you. But the side effects of these drugs have killed tens of thousands of you. And injured millions. Not to mention the cost of these drugs.

The medical oath to “First do no harm” has been replaced with “above all, make as much money as you can. And retire.” All those needless deaths…:-(

All she should need is the occasional use of something like I described in my post to her about ways to help get her rest, and sleep. Unless she has some bad psych. med withdrawal symptoms. In which case she may need to take more of her psych. med’s for a while. Then back off of them more slowly. But as I said in my post “More Britney Civil Rights Violations” it can take weeks or months to wean off psych med’s because they are very traumatizing to the brain, and nervous system.

Britney has not committed a single crime. Or hurt anybody. She does not deserve what she is going through. The court needs to give her the benefit of any doubts it may have. And step in and protect this young woman. Go look at her interviews with Ellen DeGeneres, Rosie O’Donnell, Diane Sawyer, Matt Lauer. Then tell me you really believe that sharp, amazing woman suddenly has become so crazy, and mentally incompetent that she should have all her right stripped from her. Imprisoned, and poisoned with powerful psych med’s.

I have many years of experience. And I am telling you that it just NEVER happens. The only thing that comes close to that is when someone has been poisoned. And that only last a few days. Not weeks. Unless they are in a coma. What is happening with Britney is an outrage. She will probably need to have some blood drawn and sent to FBI labs to check the concentrations of drugs in her system. And to look for the presence of any drugs that should not be there.

Release Britney. And return all her rights.

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Britney, Drugged, and Mugged

One example of what I’m talking about below of Britney being used as a lab rat was the use of very powerful anti-psychotic psych meds to treat alleged bipolar insomnia. As I said before I don’t think Britney suffers from any true organic mental illness. And even if she does, it is so slight that it does not need, or justify very dangerous, high risk treatment with anti-psychotic psych meds. I think Britney is just gifted. There are also a number of lawsuits concerning injuries, and death caused by these drugs.

The only problem I could see that Britney was having for which any drugs could have been helpful was sleep deprivation, and lack of adequate rest. Which is a problem she shares with most Americans. And I have written a detailed post about the best ways to deal with that called “Ways To Get Your Rest Britney”. None of which include the use of highly dangerous, very powerful anti-psychotics. That’s just stupid to say the least. And not FDA approved, or proven safe, and effective for any type of insomnia. Whether the insomnia is alleged bipolar insomnia, or other wise.

In many ways the psych meds are the new ice-pick in the brain (lobotomy). You can look up lobotomy. But just briefly. A lobotomy was a doctor literally sticking a ice-pick through the top of your eye socket into your brain. Then the doctor would jerk, and swish the ice-pick around in your brain to destroy part of your brain. “There… Now don’t you feel better.” 😦 Just like today with antidepressants, and other psych meds, doctors used it for almost anything like headaches. One mother had her son lobotomised because she said “he daydreams too much”. And of course this was a recommended treatment by the so-called good doctors at the time. 😦

Before Britney’s divorce, custody battle, and drug poisoning with Prozac for the alleged baby blues. (That’s right. Britney’s family has been trying to keep her doped up on something for some time now.) Britney seemed a very happy, high functioning, creative young woman.  Some of her behavior did seem a little odd around the time she was taking Prozac for the baby blues. Which is very understandable. Drugs like Prozac make people crazy when they take them, and for months after they stop taking them. And the baby blues can cause some crazy behaviors for months until a women’s hormones settle back down.

Women with the baby blues, or so-called postpartum depression need a lot of constant gentle emotional, and physical support, and gentle encouragement, and reassurance until their hormones settle back down, and they come back fully to their senses. The baby blue’s can turn into a very serious form of organic mental illness. But it is almost always a temporary illness cause by some women’s reactions to the hormones of pregnancy. But in most cases with the good supports I mentioned above, it will just go away. But doctors like to push drugs on people for every thing. And they often end up doing more harm than good.

American medicine has become so corrupted by the drug, and pharmaceutical industry that most American doctors practice medicine like guru’s in a drug cult. And they especially like to weasel there way into the lives of wealthy, high profile individuals. The Linda Hamilton, the Brook Shields, the Britney Spears, and many other wealthy high profile women. Especially the psychiatrist. Women are their favorite pray because they tend to be the most vulnerable, and trusting. In part because of the effects of estrogen, and the hormones of pregnancy.

But in spite of everything that Britney has been going through. She has continued to be a very positive, upbeat, high functioning, creative woman. She is a young healthy, wealthy, basically happy young woman who should be enjoying raising her children, creating her art, and living her life. She should be having a ball in a healthy positive way. Not tied up with lawyers, doctors, or negative influences in her life. Sure she has some things she needs to learn. And a TREMENDOUS amount of stress in her life. But psychiatrist, and psych meds are not the answer.

She needs her custody, and visitation case resolved, lots of positive emotional support. Maybe some cognitive behavioral talk therapy as I have detailed in many of these post. And good care of the basics as I have detailed in many of my post. And adequate rest, and sleep as I have detailed in many of my post. Not psych meds. The federal court needs to put her under it’s protective custody. And have her carefully medically detoxified of all psych meds so she can return back to her normal life.

Why are they so afraid of completely medically detoxifying Britney of all the psych meds. Are they afraid Britney will be found mentally competent. I can tell you that I don’t think Britney will ever accept having her rights, and property stolen from her. They will have to heavily poison, medicate, and injure her to restrain her, and keep control of her. That’s just not right.

Britney is a very normal, sweet girl. Fully capable of managing her own life. You will see that when she is completely detoxified of all those medical drug poisons.

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In addition to all of the civil rights violations I mentioned in my post below, Britney was treated with drugs that are not FDA approved as safe and effective for use in the treatment of alleged bipolar disorder. Either separately, or in combination.

Britney is literally being used for drug experimentation without her informed consent, or any of the Federally required safeguards under the federal rules for human medical experimentation.

Britney is literally being used as a lab rat. Without even the benefit of the federally protected rights of animals used for medical experimentation in the US.

As I said before. The Federal courts need to move very quickly to protect Ms. Spears life, health, and civil rights. I think an emergency injunction is in order to stop any further drugging of Ms. Spears until the courts have time to review her case and act in her best interest.

Ms. Spears should be medically detoxified of all psych med’s. No more daily dosing of her with powerful long acting psych med’s of any kind. Until she is completely detoxified, and can decide for her-self if she wants to be a lab rat.

It should be noted that newer psychiatric drug poisons can take weeks, and months to wean off of. Even though the doctors and drug companies continue to lie to the public claiming that these drugs have no withdrawal side effects. Instead they don’t call it drug withdrawal. They call it “discontinuation syndrome”. And it can hit a patient completely out of the blue anywhere from a few hours, to several weeks after you abruptly stop taking the med’s. And this withdrawal reaction can cause a complete psychotic mental breakdown, and “blackout”.

This is just what happened in the recent school shootings. And in the death of a NY psychiatrist who was hacked to death. It is also what happened to Andrea Yeats in Texas who out of the blue just up and killed several of her children three weeks after her psychiatrist told her to just stop taking her med’s that were making her feel sick.

You shouldn’t abruptly stop taking any psych med’s that you have been taking daily for more than 3 weeks. You have to slowly wean your-self off then. And you need to be monitored very closely for several weeks or months. Because that severe psychotic “blackout” can happen very suddenly. Literally one second they can be fine, then the next second, out of the blue, they can be trying to kill them-self, and others. “Word Up!”

If Ms. Spears is medically detoxified off all med’s. I am sure you will find that she is a very sharp, competent, gifted individual. Fully capable of managing her own affairs. Of course she will still need a lot of emotional support to help her deal, and make peace with the greed driven custody, and visitation mess the lower court has allowed to happen. I have made many post here as to ways to help her do that. None of which include psychiatrists pushing drugs, or psychoanalysis.

Some body, or something has hurt Britney very, very deeply. It broke her heart. But she is very strong, and powerful, but very, very hurt, and angry. So she is trying to punish all of you for your part in hurting her. And she is willing to hurt her-self to do it. She needs love, and understanding.

Hopefully her attorney Mr. Jon Eardley will get Ms. Spears case moved to the Federal courts. And the ACLU should be very interested in assisting in this case. It is one of the most outrageous cases of civil rights violations of our time. Especially for the mentally ill, and allegedly mentally ill.

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Feb 21, 2008

Mr. Jon Eardley

It appears the Federal court may be resisting having to take Britney’s case from the state courts. This is understandable. Federal courts hate to get involved in state court matters. But the facts of this case does not really leave the Federal court with any other acceptable option except to remove Ms. Spears case to Federal Court jurisdiction.

All of Ms. Spears civil rights have been violated by the lower court. And all of Ms. Spears civil rights continue to be unwittingly violated by the state court. There is a very serious flaw in the commitment, and conservatorship statutes, and implementations in California state law. These flaws allow for very serious violations of civil, and international human rights.

Specifically, The facts of the case is that Britney’s psychiatrist poisoned her with psych med’s through tricking Britney’s care taker Sam Lutfi into medicating Britney on doctors orders with some medication poisons causing a temporary mental health crisis. Then the hospital psychiatrists, Britney’s family, and the courts used Britney’s mental impairments caused by their poisoning of her to strip Britney of all her civil rights.

Just review the videos, and other records made at the time. http://www.tmz.com has a lot of video records of Ms. Spears. As do many other sources. You can also use the testimony of police officers who had conversations with Britney prior to her being drugged by her psychiatrist when some pap’s following Britney were arrested for driving recklessly. As well as the testimony of some pap’s she had conversations with. The facts,  evidence, and conclusions are irrefutable that prior to being drugged with psych med’s under her psychiatrist orders, Ms. Spears was coherent, competent, and able to fully care for her-self. Further, she presented no threat to her-self, or the community that rises to the level to justify the loss of her precious civil rights. And the seizure of all her property, assets, and personage.

For some time now it has been known in the world of spies, and international assassins that you can cause a severe psychotic mental breakdown ( a “blackout”) in someone by surreptitiously overdosing them with certain types of psych med’s. Particularly SSRI antidepressants in their food. That may cause them to hurt them-self, or others. But it appears that Mr. Lufti went to extraordinary means to protect Britney from possibly hurting her-self, or others. Never the less, this type of thing has to be a real concern for anyone responsible, and concerned about Britney’s safety at this time.

Britney is a young, healthy, high caliber athlete in her prime. Poisoning her with all these pharmaceutical poisons will just make a mess out of her. And is a sin!

“It would be torture to give a powerful anti-psychotic drug to somebody who isn’t even mentally ill. … But here, it’s happening on U.S. soil” (ACLU attorney Ahilan Arulanantham)

If the Federal court lets this outrageous violation of Britney’s civil rights stand. The court will be sanctioning the drugging, kidnapping, imprisonment, poisoning, torture, and seizure of  property, assets, and personage of any US citizen by a conspiracy of psychiatrists, family, or others. This is so unconstitutional it stinks.

It should be noted that current California commitment, and conservatorship laws as practiced does not adequately protect against this abuse. Ms. Spears was never fully detoxified from the psych med’s she was surreptitiously poisoned with. Nor has she been given any opportunity since commitment to be detoxified of these very powerful mind altering drugs that are being forced upon her at great risk to her physical, and mental health to further deny her of her civil rights.

To the contrary, Ms. Spears is being poisoned with ever increasing amounts of highly neurotoxic, mind altering psych med’s to chemically restrain her. The court should stop this abuse of Ms. Spears immediately. Her life and health are in eminent danger from the medications she is being poisoned with. The Federal courts should require that all psychiatric commitments first be detoxified of all chemicals sufficiently to assess their truer state of mind, and competency before any court strips an individual of all their civil rights. Or forces them into conservatorship. Or forces any alleged treatments or medications on them.

Further, everyone that can afford legal representation of their choosing should be allowed to do so. It should be left solely to the professional discretion of the attorney, and client as to whether they can be adequately represented by private council in consultation with the court, the client, and their private legal representation. Along with other interested parties. But every benefit of the doubt should be in favor of the clients right to legal representation of his, or her choosing if they can afford it. Along with a court appointed representative.



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The ACLU should be all over this. Britney’s psychiatrist poisoned her with psych meds through tricking Britney’s care taker Sam to medicate Britney on doctors orders with some medication poisons. Then the hospital psychiatrists, Britney’s family, and the courts used Britney’s mental impairments caused by their poisoning of her to strip Britney of all her civil rights. Just review the videos, and other records made at the time.

“It would be torture to give a powerful anti-psychotic drug to somebody who isn’t even mentally ill. … But here, it’s happening on U.S. soil” (ACLU attorney Ahilan Arulanantham)

If the Federal court lets this outrageous violation of Britney’s civil rights stand. The court will be sanctioning the drugging, kidnaping, imprisonment, poisoning, torture, and seizure of  property, assets, and personage of any US citizen by conspiracy’s of psychiatrists, family, or others.

Based, solely on the highly subjective opinion, and pseudo-science of biased unscrupulous psychiatrists. In concert with other conspirators. Then this could happened to anyone. Especially anyone seeking mental health care. Or who had previously sought, or received mental health care. This is so unconstitutional it stinks.

At a minimum Britney should have had the right to retain legal representation of her own choosing. So she and any court appointed conservator could battle it out in court if need be to assure Britney of the best possible protection of her civil rights. If her conservator wants to do something she, and her legal representation think is not in her best intrest, her conservators should have to be accountable to her through litigation in the courts. That is what the courts are for. To settle disputes. And protect her rights.

I have sympathy for any family trying to just help, and protect their child. But they and the court should also want to make sure things are done in a way that also protects their child’s civil rights. By making sure that their child has their own legal representation of their choosing if at all possible. Especially when their child is requesting legal representation of her choosing. And can afford it. That sure doesn’t sound like incompetence to me.

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PLEASE!! Stop Hurting Her

Britney is being drug poisoned, and tortured by her Father and family. Just like Sam was unwittingly duped by Britney’s psychiatrist into poisoning Britney with very powerful, dangerous, tortuous, neurotoxic psych med’s.

These drugs they are giving her are like giving her a chemical lobotomy. You should all look up the horrific, and tragic history of how thousands of families were unwittingly duped into lobotomizing, and mentally destroying their loved ones by these kook psychiatrist just 20 years ago. These kook psychiatrist fooled everyone into thinking lobotomies were a safe, and a great medical advance.

They lied to families, and told them that this surgery would heal their brains. Just like Sam, and Britney’s family was lied to about Britney’s psych med’s. These kook psychiatrist were hailed as great medical pioneers. On the covers of Time magazine. Instead of as the killers, and destroyers of lives that they really were.

Britney has a classic artistic mind, and emotional makeup. It is extremely powerful in her. That is why she can do the things she has done in the industry. There is nothing wrong with Britney’s brain. “BRITNEY IS AN ARTIST”. You have to protect that. And nurture that. Especially her brain. Until she learns to handle her gift her-self in only healthy positive ways.

If you truly love Britney you will stop letting these kook psychiatrist poison Britney. Or subject her to any other dangerous, or invasive treatments, or test. If you need some help. You can follow my prescription for Britney in my post “Britney Has Committed No Crimes”.

PLEASE! stop hurting her. And stop letting psychiatrist, and other people hurt her, and take advantage of her.

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