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Feb 21, 2008

Mr. Jon Eardley

It appears the Federal court may be resisting having to take Britney’s case from the state courts. This is understandable. Federal courts hate to get involved in state court matters. But the facts of this case does not really leave the Federal court with any other acceptable option except to remove Ms. Spears case to Federal Court jurisdiction.

All of Ms. Spears civil rights have been violated by the lower court. And all of Ms. Spears civil rights continue to be unwittingly violated by the state court. There is a very serious flaw in the commitment, and conservatorship statutes, and implementations in California state law. These flaws allow for very serious violations of civil, and international human rights.

Specifically, The facts of the case is that Britney’s psychiatrist poisoned her with psych med’s through tricking Britney’s care taker Sam Lutfi into medicating Britney on doctors orders with some medication poisons causing a temporary mental health crisis. Then the hospital psychiatrists, Britney’s family, and the courts used Britney’s mental impairments caused by their poisoning of her to strip Britney of all her civil rights.

Just review the videos, and other records made at the time. http://www.tmz.com has a lot of video records of Ms. Spears. As do many other sources. You can also use the testimony of police officers who had conversations with Britney prior to her being drugged by her psychiatrist when some pap’s following Britney were arrested for driving recklessly. As well as the testimony of some pap’s she had conversations with. The facts,  evidence, and conclusions are irrefutable that prior to being drugged with psych med’s under her psychiatrist orders, Ms. Spears was coherent, competent, and able to fully care for her-self. Further, she presented no threat to her-self, or the community that rises to the level to justify the loss of her precious civil rights. And the seizure of all her property, assets, and personage.

For some time now it has been known in the world of spies, and international assassins that you can cause a severe psychotic mental breakdown ( a “blackout”) in someone by surreptitiously overdosing them with certain types of psych med’s. Particularly SSRI antidepressants in their food. That may cause them to hurt them-self, or others. But it appears that Mr. Lufti went to extraordinary means to protect Britney from possibly hurting her-self, or others. Never the less, this type of thing has to be a real concern for anyone responsible, and concerned about Britney’s safety at this time.

Britney is a young, healthy, high caliber athlete in her prime. Poisoning her with all these pharmaceutical poisons will just make a mess out of her. And is a sin!

“It would be torture to give a powerful anti-psychotic drug to somebody who isn’t even mentally ill. … But here, it’s happening on U.S. soil” (ACLU attorney Ahilan Arulanantham)

If the Federal court lets this outrageous violation of Britney’s civil rights stand. The court will be sanctioning the drugging, kidnapping, imprisonment, poisoning, torture, and seizure of  property, assets, and personage of any US citizen by a conspiracy of psychiatrists, family, or others. This is so unconstitutional it stinks.

It should be noted that current California commitment, and conservatorship laws as practiced does not adequately protect against this abuse. Ms. Spears was never fully detoxified from the psych med’s she was surreptitiously poisoned with. Nor has she been given any opportunity since commitment to be detoxified of these very powerful mind altering drugs that are being forced upon her at great risk to her physical, and mental health to further deny her of her civil rights.

To the contrary, Ms. Spears is being poisoned with ever increasing amounts of highly neurotoxic, mind altering psych med’s to chemically restrain her. The court should stop this abuse of Ms. Spears immediately. Her life and health are in eminent danger from the medications she is being poisoned with. The Federal courts should require that all psychiatric commitments first be detoxified of all chemicals sufficiently to assess their truer state of mind, and competency before any court strips an individual of all their civil rights. Or forces them into conservatorship. Or forces any alleged treatments or medications on them.

Further, everyone that can afford legal representation of their choosing should be allowed to do so. It should be left solely to the professional discretion of the attorney, and client as to whether they can be adequately represented by private council in consultation with the court, the client, and their private legal representation. Along with other interested parties. But every benefit of the doubt should be in favor of the clients right to legal representation of his, or her choosing if they can afford it. Along with a court appointed representative.




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