Britney is being drug poisoned, and tortured by her Father and family. Just like Sam was unwittingly duped by Britney’s psychiatrist into poisoning Britney with very powerful, dangerous, tortuous, neurotoxic psych med’s.

These drugs they are giving her are like giving her a chemical lobotomy. You should all look up the horrific, and tragic history of how thousands of families were unwittingly duped into lobotomizing, and mentally destroying their loved ones by these kook psychiatrist just 20 years ago. These kook psychiatrist fooled everyone into thinking lobotomies were a safe, and a great medical advance.

They lied to families, and told them that this surgery would heal their brains. Just like Sam, and Britney’s family was lied to about Britney’s psych med’s. These kook psychiatrist were hailed as great medical pioneers. On the covers of Time magazine. Instead of as the killers, and destroyers of lives that they really were.

Britney has a classic artistic mind, and emotional makeup. It is extremely powerful in her. That is why she can do the things she has done in the industry. There is nothing wrong with Britney’s brain. “BRITNEY IS AN ARTIST”. You have to protect that. And nurture that. Especially her brain. Until she learns to handle her gift her-self in only healthy positive ways.

If you truly love Britney you will stop letting these kook psychiatrist poison Britney. Or subject her to any other dangerous, or invasive treatments, or test. If you need some help. You can follow my prescription for Britney in my post “Britney Has Committed No Crimes”.

PLEASE! stop hurting her. And stop letting psychiatrist, and other people hurt her, and take advantage of her.


There are several problems with Britney’s conservatorship.

First, it should have never happened. Britney was poisoned with psych med’s by her psychiatrist. And that was why she became incoherent. Britney should have been detoxed off the poisons her doctor gave her and released home.

Second, Britney should have the right to choose legal representation of her choosing if she so wishes. This is a basic American civil right.

Third, Britney was released from hospital confinement. But she is still being imprisoned, and restrained physically, and chemically.

Fourth, all conservators should be approved by Britney, and her chosen legal representation. If not. There should be an equal number of co-conservators approved by Britney as other co-conservators not approved by Britney. With veto power over any actions taken supposedly on Britney’s behalf, and supposedly in Britney’s best interest. So that all the conservators can watch each other.

Fifth, they should do the same thing as above with respect to the trusties of Britney’s trust.

So as you can see. Basically Britney has been drugged, kidnapped, and imprisoned against her will. All with the help, and complicity of the drug pushing psychiatric drug cult. It maybe time for someone to contact Britney’s local, state, and federal attorney’s generals, and other officials.

A simple review of the numerous video recordings at the time will clearly show how Britney only became incoherent, or disabled after she was poisoned with psych med’s prescribed by her psychiatrist.

What they are doing to Britney is the equivalent of a chemical lobotomy. And brain washing. The LA district attorney, the state medical board, the FDA, and the ATF should investigate what that psychiatrist told Sam.

“He told us that the doctor who is treating her is trying to get her into a sleep-induced coma so that they could give her drugs to heal her brain.” Sam is not medically sophisticated enough to make that up on his own, or know this is a completely ridiculous, murderous thing to say.


As far as Britney’s conservatorship is concerned it never should have happened. Any doctors conclusions that Britney is “non compos mentis” (mentally incompetent) is invalid. Because Britney was admitted to the hospital due to incapacity caused by the powerful mind-altering drugs prescribed to her by her psychiatrist. And was suffering from the poisonous toxic effects of these psych med’s. Prior to that. Britney was very competent, coherent, and able to care for her-self.

Further any subsequent diagnoses, or determinations of incapacity are invalid because Britney has been continually drugged with powerful mind-altering psych med’s since her hospitalization. The alleged statement by one of her so-called attending psychiatrist that Britney was “ok as long as she took her medication” is completely incompetent, and asinine. Because he cannot even know what Britney’s true mental state is because Britney has been heavily drugged on psych med’s the entire time he has had any contact with her.

You cannot make a legitimate determination about anyone’s true state of mind until they have been free of all drugs for several weeks. And free of significant outside pressure’s, and stress. Then, and only then can you begin to get some real insight into their real state of mind.

Also you have to be very careful and protect your-self when starting, or coming off any psych med’s. Because they can cause you to have a “Blackout” in which you could injure your-self, or others. These drugs also cause you to be very susceptible to impulsive actions, and thinking. And this can even happen weeks after you stop taking these med’s. It can sneak up on you seemingly out of nowhere.

Several of the recent school shootings were by kids having a delayed reaction to the sudden withdrawal of their psych med’s. And they probably committed all those shootings in a “blackout” without any real awareness of what they were doing. Sometimes they are aware of what they are doing. But they cant stop, or help them-self. Because these med’s disable the self-control centers of the brain. You have to usually wean off these drugs very slowly over several weeks, or months.

I desperately want to believe that your Fathers only interest is in protecting the welfare of his child. He seems to be trying to create a more healthy environment for you. That is what I would do too. But the psych doctors, with all their treatments, and all their psych med’s are bad for you. And a real unnecessary threat to your health, and safety. If you were not so wealthy, and famous I would be less concerned. But money, and power can be so corrupting. And no one is immune. Only people who know this stand a chance of avoiding it’s destructive seduction.

Your Father said he just wants to protect you from predators. I wish he were more medically sophisticated. Because if he were, he would realize that some of the worst, most clever predators out their wear white lab coats.

When you were sitting on the curb out side your house with your little dog. And the tears were streaming down your face. It was all I could do to not try to reach out to you somehow. To ask you “where is your daddy little girl”. Then wait with you on that curb until your daddy came for you. I truly hope your daddy has come for his little girl. And only for his little girls best interest.


I am glad that hopefully Britney’s legal cases will be removed to the Federal Courts jurisdiction. I think the Federal Courts are the best jurisdiction to address the protection of Britney’s precious constitutional civil rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Federal Court is really the only “competent court of jurisdiction” for a case like Britney’s.

Britney has committed no crimes. And Britney was released from medical confinement for lack of sufficient medical justification to further violate her civil rights. Even though the current criteria for medical confinement in my opinion is far to biased, and liberal in favor of commitment. And ripe for abuse. Especially where considerable money, and wealth is concerned.

Yet Britney has been stripped of all her civil rights. Her considerable assets seized. And Britney subjected to imprisonment of the most cruel kind with physical restraints, and dangerous chemical drug restraints. This really sends a chilling message to anyone that might want to seek mental health care. What happen to Britney could happen to you. And you may not have the resources to protect your civil rights.

As to Britney’s mental state. She has been an extremely high functioning young woman. Creating very high quality art. Hit CD’s. Dance, wonderful music videos, acting, fashion, and performance. Managing a multi million dollar group of businesses. That conservatively estimated generates 120 million dollars into the economy each year. All while going through a very brutal divorce, and child custody case over her two small children.

How anyone could come up with the conclusion that the young woman described above is incompetent to manage her own life is beyond comprehension. And I am being very, very kind. With out question Britney has suffered from a TREMENDOUS amount of stress. But I think she has handled it admirably. Though she has understandably had problems getting adequate rest, and sleep. You would have problems too.

Britney sought out medical help for her problems getting her rest, and sleep. And that is when her big problems started. In stead of providing Britney a prescription along the guidelines in my post “Ways To Help Get Your Rest Britney”. And being someone that Britney could talk to about her problems who could therapeutically listen to Britney. This doctor in stead hits Britney with two very powerful, poisonous, toxic, psych med’s. That within three days had Britney completely disabled. And temporarily out of her mind.

This is medically equivalent to going to a brain surgeon for a bad stress, or tension headache. Then having this brain surgeon do surgery on your head. And put a hole in your head. Just because they can get away with it. And because it pays better than properly treating your tension headache with a little over the counter Tylenol, and a little therapy at stress reduction.

As I have said before. I don’t think that Britney suffers from any true organic mental illness. Few people diagnosed with true organic mental illness these days really have it. And even if she does have it. She only has a touch of it. I think mostly they are mistaking gifted-ness for mental illness. Britney is a very high functioning individual. And a mostly happy person. That does not overly depend on drugs, alcohol or other mind impairing chemicals for coping.

Britney is a soft, sweet, motherly, girlie girl. But she is also a very dominating, controlling little stick of dynamite. it’s this gifted explosive side that makes people want to control her. But frankly, I think she has it under good control for the most part it seems to me. She has just been under a tremendous amount of stress these past few years.

In situations like this it really is hard to tell who are the good guys, and the bad guys. Her family. Or her man Sam. The fact is they are both probably trying to do the right things for Britney. But they are probably both very susceptible to exploitation that is not in Britney’s best interest.

Especially exploitation by the psychologic, and psychiatric medical community. These people are experts at playing mind games with you. And most people get taken in by their BS all the time. This is why any benefit of the doubt must always be in favor of following Britney’s wishes. It’s her life. Not anyone else’s.

In conclusion my prescription for Britney would be that she keep taking good care of the basics I have mentioned so many times (safety, nutrition, hydration, exercise, rest, recreation, and fun). Continue creating, and developing your art, gifts, and other positive non drug coping skills. Avoid over use of drugs, and alcohol. For rest, and or sleep problems you can use my post to you about “Ways To Get Your Rest Britney”.

With respect to your legal problems. Hire the most experienced aggressive legal representation you can get. And expect them to do the best they can do for you. And give the rest up to God. Find a good high quality cognitive behavioral talk therapist to help you positively work through any emotional problems you may need help with like stress reduction. Anger, and hurt over what you have been through lately. Sleep problems. Or any thing else that may be bothering you. Or that you feel you would like some help or enrichment of coping skills with.

But NO PSYCH MED’S OR DRUGS. Other than the type of drugs I mentioned in my post to help you occasionally get your sleep. If they try to push drugs on you. Run the other way. You now see why I told you to watch out for doctors, and therapist pushing drugs. See what happens. You may have to go through 3 or 4 therapist before you find one that is right for you. You need one that you click with. And that can be a different one for everyone.

If all of this does not work for you. You may need the drug pushing type of psychiatric medical care. But I doubt it. But if you do. Find the best you can find at a good teaching medical center. I call this crock pot psychiatry. First you load up the crock pot with all kinds of psych med’s. Then you stir it, and put the lid on it. Then let it cook for a couple of weeks. Then take the lid off. Stir it a little. Maybe add some more drug ingredients. Put the lid back on it, and let it cook some more. Collect a bid fat fee…

Have a good life. And enjoy your life Britney Baby… 🙂


Your Fan


Feb 20, 2008

Update to Britney Has Committed No Crimes

This is an update to my comments about what I call crock pot psychiatry above. I would like to say that I am completely against the use of any psych med’s because they are so over prescribed. But I can’t. These drugs have injured, or killed millions of people who should never have been on these drugs in the first place. More Americans are injured, and killed from drug injuries, and accidents than any other people in the world. From every kind of prescription drugs.

Americans makeup less than 5% of the world population. But Americans buy, and consume over 50% of all pharmaceuticals world wide. Due to over prescribing by US doctors because of kickbacks from the drug companies to the doctors.

But there are a very, very small number of people who do suffer from very severe, frank, organic mental illness. And no amount of stress reduction, improvements in coping skills, improvements in emotional supports, or improvements in life style will cure, or fix things sufficiently to relive their suffering. So, for this very limited number of patients. The careful, conservative use of psych med’s may be helpful, and justify the considerable dangers to health created by these drugs very dangerous side effects.

Never the less, most of these patients could, and should be given a regular trial of very slowly weaning them off of these med’s after a remission of symptoms of  approximately 6 months to a year. And after they, and their family have had time to make improvements in stress reduction, coping skills, healthy environment, and life style habits, with strong positive emotional supports in place.

I think it should be the goal of all mental health care professionals to assist all their patients that can to be able to live, and enjoy life under their own power if they wish too. Unencumbered, impaired, or burdened by dependancy on more chemical supports than they really need. This is not to say that patients shouldn’t be able to have all the chemical supports they need, or want that they can safely have. But I think a good health care provider will always assist their patients in maintaining as much choice over dependancy as possible.

Personally, I think everyone should aspire to spend less time under the influence of any mind altering chemical substances each week, than they do spend under the influence of some kind of mind altering chemical substance each week. To my way of thinking that is the only way you can truly be all there for your-self, your-family, and your-friends. I think that is what sobriety in the larger sense is really about.

Many, if not all patients will be able to return to normal functioning without any further medication help. Other than possibly the occasional use of something to help them get their rest, and sleep as I outlined in my post “Ways To Help You Get Your Rest Britney”. And if they need to go back on med’s they will probably require less medication support. And will have derived some health benefits from removing the daily drug load from their system for a while.

Still, there is a very, very small group of individuals who’s illness is so severe, and their suffering so great that they may not benefit from any weaning off of their med’s. But this is an extremely small number of very severely debilitated patients that very, very few mental patients fit into.

And FOR GOD SAKES! If it ant broke, don’t fix it. Not everyone with some form of true organic mental illness needs to be treated, or medicated. Especially when you consider that some of the research seems to indicate that some of the psych med’s, and treatments cause brain damage, and mental illness them-self. If they are relatively happy, or content, functional, and healthy. You may just be mistaking the eccentricities of genius for mental illness.

Consider Albert Einstein. While his peers were thinking about work, a job, their love life. Albert was flunking out of school. Drifting through the days. Wondering what it would be like to ride on a beam of LIGHT! And that is why we now have the theory of relativity. And much more. Of course now a days poor Einstein would have been in treatment from the time he was a child. And continually drugged up on psych med’s.

It’s time to stop injuring, and doping up our gifted people like Britney just to try and make them as ordinary as us. That’s not what they are. And it’s cruel to try and force them to be…

Poor Sam

Well, as I said before it appeared that Britney had been poisoned with psych med’s by that Psychiatrist she went to see, thinking if she did this she could get her babies back. This psychiatrist dope dealer put her on two very toxic, and poisonous psych med’s (Resperdal, and Seroquel). And that is why Britney suddenly became so unstable, and incoherent. Unfortunately this happens to millions of people. Because the doctors make more money pushing drugs on people. And most of them are in bed with the drug companies.

I don’t believe that story that Sam was drugging her. I think Sam was just trying to be Britney’s nurse, and follow her doctors orders, and also protect Britney. Like most people Sam believed the lies these psychiatrist tell that these poisonous drugs will fix your brain. Lies! All LIES!!! They usually just make you sicker.

The drugs that this dope dealing doctor put Britney on make a person very unstable. And a serious danger to them-self, and others. My hats off to Sam for keeping Britney from hurting her-self, or anyone else until he could get her hospitalized, and detoxed off those toxic psych med’s.

Sam is not a medically sophisticated person. I am very medically sophisticated. And I would not have tried to manage Britney on those med’s without a highly skilled psych nurse on duty with Britney 24 hours a day. Sam had a very, very DANGEROUS situation on his hands. He did good protecting Britney’s life, and health.

Poor Sam. He is taking a beating for being Britney’s loyal man. Britney chose him well.

I wonder what psych med’s they have been poisoning Britney with. She was very coherent until she went to see some Psychiatrist who put her on some kinda psych med’s. Then within three days she started to seem very drug impaired. I wonder if that psychiatrist put her on one of those new Bipolar drugs that’s under investigations for causing suicides.

Maybe her friends should contact the DA, or the State’s Attorney General and have him look into what they are poisoning Britney with. And see if the doctor’s have any financial arrangements with the companies that make the med’s they are poisoning Britney with.

Well Britney, as I predicted they are all making the money grab for them-self. Taking advantage of you. And exploiting the situation. Except for your trusty man Sam. He is outnumbered, and outgunned. But he is putting up a good fight. I think you knew he would, didn’t you. That is why he is your man.

As I predicted. They are totally disregarding your wishes. Hopefully your attorneys can successfully challenge every-ones authority, and disregard for your wishes. And also the violations of your constitutional civil rights. For example, the prohibition against false imprisonment, and unreasonable search, and seizure. Invasion of privacy, etc…

If I were Sam I would contact the FBI. And other state, and federal agencies. Violations of civil rights is a very serious crime. And poisoning someone with dangerous toxic psych med’s to hold them against their will is punishable with prison time. And it is also false imprisonment.

This is just the type of thing that the tough commitment laws were created to prevent. Where sleazy criminals use the pseudo-science of unscrupulous, greed driven psychiatrists to legally steal your assets from you.

Bless your heart Britney. You decided to give your-self up to the wolves and jackals that have been tearing at your flesh. And to the dope dealers, and assassins with medical licenses. So you can have your boys, and so your boys can have you. You have fought well, and with courage. And like a true warrior, you are going down hard. Your boys will be proud of you.

I will remember who you are, and how well you fought. And your man Sam will remember who you are. Though he may not be able to find you buried under all the psych med’s, and treatments when he sees you again. Such is a mothers love for her boys. Bye beautiful sweet girl. We love you. And we will remember who you really are.


Your Fan…

Listening to “Family Affair – By Abra Moore”